Did You Know?

Enterprise employees spend 75% of their work time on web browsing.


The popularity of web browsing caused above 80% of cyberattacks in 2022 — becoming the world’s easiest attack vector.


So, why invest in a browser extension?

Businesses will continue to use browsers as a critical part of their everyday work. Thus, creating safer, simpler, and cost-effective user-browser interactions without any cybersecurity threats is crucial.

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Browser Extension Development Services

For Multi-Platform and Secure Extensions

Our browser extension developers offer cross-browser solutions employing modern technologies to ensure robust browsing experiences. 

The Process Behind

We Develop Browser Extensions Using 3 Building Blocks

At Qbatch, we ace browser extension development with fine UX/UI design and expert JavaScript developers for complex functionality implementation. Choose us for design precision and technical excellence in every extension.

User Interface

Our product designers create intuitive designs and interfaces for nice human experiences.

Content Scripts

JavaScript files that run in the context of web pages for data assessment and extraction.

Background Scripts

For monitoring and responding to events in the browser such as closing a tab, navigating to a new page, or removing a bookmark.

Types of Browser Extensions We Can Develop For Your Business

Business models that revolve around browser extension development have proven their commercial effectiveness for easy product distribution among users. Types of extensions we can build for you:


Store encrypted passwords online and access them using a single master password across browsers.

and Note

Get more done in less time with a to-do list and notes extension.

Amazon Seller

Sell and distribute your products and request customer reviews as needed.

Screen Shots and Video

Capture screenshots and record screencasts for easy uploading anywhere.

Instant Chat

Turn visitors into buyers by integrating live meetings and email messages in a single live chat tool.

Content Manager/

Build powerful and structured content to enrich your store with custom fields.

Virtual Class

Manage learners’ performance, lesson plans, attendance, grade assessments, reports, and schedules.


Digitally sign your documents securely and get things done instantly.

Build On-Demand Extensions

Didn’t find your type? Share your idea and we’ll build the right fit for your enterprise.

Our Featured Projects in Chrome Browser Extensions Development

Customize your user-browsing experiences with our powerful browser extensions

Technologies We Use For Browser Extension Development

You are bound to get several “Benefits” with our

Experience-Driven Browser Extensions and Plug-Ins




Easy-to-Approach Features


Ad-Free Browsing


Smooth Browsing Experience


Return on Marketing Investment


Streamlined Project Management


Organized and Decluttered Workflow


Muti-Channel Product Distribution

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you develop a browser extension for multiple browsers?

Yes, we can develop browser extensions for multiple browsers using cross-browser extension frameworks like WebExtensions supported by browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera.

Do you provide post-development support for browser extensions?

Yes, team Qbatch provides post-development support for browser extensions on a retainer basis.

What is the pricing model for browser extension development?

The pricing model may vary based on project complexity, yet we provide transparent and flexible pricing plans, ensuring value for your investment.

Do you Offer Maintenance Services after the completion of Browser Extension development?

Yes, team Qbatch offers Maintenance Services after the Browser Extension development completion as required.

Do you provide the source code ownership for Chrome extensions?

Yes, we ensure complete ownership transfer of Chrome extensions making you the sole owner by documenting ownership details, including source code, and address licensing in our agreements.

What is the average cost of hiring Chrome extension development services?

Chrome extension development cost varies widely based on complexity, features, and developer expertise. Simple extensions may cost a few thousand dollars, while complex ones could range from several thousand to tens of thousands. Discuss your project with developers for accurate, tailored quotes.

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