CTO as a Service for Startups

CTO as a Service (CaaS)

Rethink and Rebuild Your Technical Prowess

Sometimes old is not gold. In this rapid-fire world of innovation, embracing “accelerated technological change” is the only answer for the doers. Digital transformation is inevitable and you must build a futuristic and adaptable technology strategy today for your greater tomorrow. Thus, we take no risks and work heartily on building a high-margin technology roadmap for your dear business on a larger scale.

Why Choose Our CTO as a Service?

We want you to become a pioneer before the world calls you a laggard.

Big brains and the right technical expertise are two key ingredients to achieving your long-term and mission-critical business goals. We can help you figure out what you’ve been missing in your technology adoption and transformation journey. How?
  • Spectacular price-quality ratio
  • Total Process Transparency
  • Cross-Sector Expertise
  • 100% Founders Mentality
  • Pay-as-you-go Model
  • Dependable Engineering Craftmanship
  • Neutral Software Analysis
  • Technology Leadership
  • Highly Solution Oriented
  • Don’t Hire Just Rent
  • Executive-level Resource Under Budget
More Than Just
“Technical Guidance”
Explore Our Enterprise-level CTO Services

1. Vision and Future Alignment

Get a roadmap that elevates your technical strategy, objectives, and operations to achieve a holistic digital footprint powering associated people, processes, and possibilities.

2. Strategic & Cost Optimization

Technology expenses can quickly escalate if the"build vs. buy" analysis goes wrong. This involves careful technical assessment and negotiation with suppliers and vendors.

3. Audits & Due Diligence

We as a enterprise software development company provide the most needed advice related to your IT modernization strategy, software re-engineering, and migration.

4. Consultation & Advisory

We help the technical leadership of your company identify growth triggers and business-critical opportunities by offering crystal-clear feedback and governance programs including long-term IT success.

5. Engineering and Design

You cannot fully grasp the technical aspects of a software product if you lack technical depth and knowledge. Our CTO expertise and insight to develop, and design low-risk and hi-tech enterprise systems

6. Integration & Analysis

Discover whether your business requires technical fixing or a total overhaul to assure zero downtime, accessibility, and smooth information exchanges across the enterprise.

7. Management, Strategy, & Performance

Transitions are challenging and require rock-solid change management action plans and company-wide readiness to ensure total digital delivery of modern changes.

8. Risk Management & Disaster Recovery

Identify and mitigate risks associated with technology limitations, financial loss, technical debt, business continuity, and compromised business goals with our CTO as a service for startups and enterprises.

9. Leading & Scaling Teams

Your development team decides and shapes the future of the entire business. Thus we keep the bar high when it comes to technology leadership and management. Our CTO services help you with reporting on a day-to-day basis.

Success Stories
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Collaboration Models
For Everlasting Partnerships
Our unique “Happy Paths” approach is a predictive and transparent way to implement your idea. Choose what suits you best:

Full-time CTO

If you are still shaping your idea and collecting technical requirements, our fractional CTO services can help you translate your ambiguities into detailed docs, technical action plans, budget estimates, and IT pitch decks as needed.

One-Time Project CTO

Perfect for fixed-scope projects where our CTO enters to solve critical problems, help with transformations, MVP development, and team and process management to achieve agreed-upon project objectives. 


Interim CTO

If you’ve lost your full-time CTO, our interim leadership can help you keep your technical and development tasks on track and the talent engaged until a new full-time CTO is hired.

Part-time CTO

If you don’t have enough resources to hire a permanent CTO, you can immediately lend our years of technical experience and insight to fulfill the needs of your startup under a small budget.

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Our Ultimate Process to Success


Requirement analysis to form a risk-free and modern solution.



Prototype designing testing to rectify concerns in real-world terms.



Business logic and code development according to the approved design.



Security and QA testing to secure your product from cyberattacks and functional issues.



Final execution of the tested and optimized software solution.



A happy project launch with continued support and maintenance.

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