About this Privacy Policy

This privacy statement outlines the collection and utilization of personal data by Qbatch. As your privacy is of utmost importance to us, this policy, governed by Qbatch LLC and its affiliates, details how we handle your information.

Effective/ Enactment Date: Dec 19th, 2023


Our Privacy Policy elucidates the collection, processing, sharing, and storage of your Personal Information, acquired through interactions with Qbatch, encompassing our website www.qbatch.com, sales processes, and marketing activities.


The primary objective of this Privacy Policy is to provide transparency regarding the Personal Information we gather, the reasons for its collection, utilization methods, and disclosure practices. It aims to elucidate our commitment to protecting your privacy, outlining your rights concerning the Personal Information we collect and process. Qbatch serves as the data controller of your Personal Information unless specified otherwise.

Processing and Compliance

The Personal Information collected adheres to the procedures outlined herein and complies with the legal requirements governing personal data. The applicability of such laws depends on the geographical area where you are located, provided they are also applicable to us.

Who We Are

Qbatch is a Software Development Consultancy and Development Company founded by industry experts in 2016 empowering small-to-mid-sized businesses to scale faster through modern technology and technique.

We’ve transformed great ideas into great software products via powerful and painless process implementations in E-commerce, logistics, supply chain, FinTech, shipping & retail sectors assuring lucrative business results and a high customer happiness index.

Privacy Commitment from Qbatch

At Qbatch, we value enduring relationships and prioritize the confidentiality of your privacy. Our website collects personal data solely for marketing purposes. This Policy outlines your choices in using, accessing, and correcting your information.

As you explore, our website is dedicated to a seamless experience, respecting your privacy and addressing concerns seriously. Committed to safeguarding your privacy, providing an exceptional experience, promptly addressing queries, and ensuring seamless functionality, we value your cooperation in sharing personal data. We recognize the sensitivity of personal data, and therefore, our privacy policy thoroughly examines every aspect to alleviate concerns.

For any questions, email us at contact@qbatch.com

What information is collected from you?

At Qbatch, we collect essential personal information to enhance your experience on our platform. We obtain information through various channels, including data you directly provide through submission forms, automatic collection using cookies, and other similar technologies. Qbatch does not receive information from any third-party sources.

The type of information we collect:

  • Information about your visits to and use of this Website including your IP address, internet activity specifics, and geolocation data obtained from your IP address, MAC address, or mobile device location. This encompasses browser details (type and version), referral source, page views, and navigation.
  • Information pertaining to your device(s), specifically the hardware model and the OS.
  • Cookies: Further details on cookie types and opting-out can be found in the following sections.

Other information we collect:

  • Your full name
  • Your email
  • Your contact details
  • Your geographical location
  • Your designation
  • Your Company
  • Company Location
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Confirmation of your visit to our website.
  • Identification of the website that directed you to ours.
  • Verification of any marketing materials downloaded from our website.

Why do we collect your information?

The collected information serves multiple purposes, including improving our platform, optimizing service operations, ensuring security, and compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, we use the data to personalize your experience, respond to feedback, and keep you informed about relevant updates.

Precisely, we collect your information for the following reasons:

  • Gather feedback through surveys to identify and address customer pain points.
  • Provide comprehensive documentation for a better understanding of products and services.
  • Establish an efficient customer support system with live chat and automated responses.
  • Address common queries promptly to provide immediate assistance.
  • Leverage customer data for personalized recommendations.
  • Integrate customizable features for a personalized user experience.
  • Ensure compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Implement analytics tools to track user behavior and enhance site quality.
  • Regularly assess and improve the website quality.
  • Stay updated on technological advancements for continuous updates and improvements.
  • Responsibly use personal information for insights into customer preferences.
  • Maintain transparency and offer options for data management preferences.
  • Share relevant and valuable information to enhance the customer experience.

How do we collect your information?

Information is acquired through user submissions, automatic means utilizing cookies, and similar technologies. Qbatch does not obtain information from external sources.

How do we use and share your private information?

Qbatch refrains from selling your personal information. However, during business transitions such as mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures, we may share information with relevant parties. Disclosure to legal, governmental, or judicial authorities may occur under applicable laws. While Qbatch may provide links to external websites, our privacy policy does not extend to these sites, and users are advised to review the privacy policies of such external sites.

Information processing includes obtaining, collecting, organizing, using, retrieving, consulting, aligning, or erasing data. With your consent, we may disclose your information to our subsidiaries or affiliates, ensuring their adherence to data protection policies.

Your data may be disclosed under the following circumstances:

  • Compliance with legal obligations, ensuring adherence to applicable laws and regulations.
  • Sharing information pertinent to legal actions, whether ongoing or anticipated.
  • Providing data necessary for asserting, defending, or exercising legal rights.
  • Sharing information with the goal of fraud prevention and mitigating credit risk.

Do we use cookies?

Qbatch may use cookies and similar analytical codes ("Cookies") on your device, browser, or the viewed webpage when you access our website. These Cookies serve to personalize your experience, analyze usage patterns, and enhance, refine, and secure our website. Cookies, small text pieces, are stored on your device during website visits, enabling personalized content delivery for subsequent visits. While Cookies generally don't contain personally identifying information, data stored about you may be associated with information obtained through Cookies.

This may be done for a few reasons:

Functional: These cookies customize your experience, ensuring proper website viewing and usage. Examples include SID, PHPSESSID, wp-settings-X, wp-settings-time-X. For instance, cookies enable:

  • The retention of form details to eliminate redundant data entry.
  • Sharing of website pages on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Performance: These cookies analyze your website usage and monitor performance to quickly address any issues. For example, Google Analytics cookies track popular pages, collect anonymous information on user website navigation, and remember user actions across pages.

Advertising: These cookies target you with our advertising. While third-party ads are not permitted on our sites, we do promote our offers and services elsewhere. Some sites may use cookies to store information about your interests and display relevant ads. Examples include third-party cookies like sb, fr, spin, wd, xs, etc.

How to reject and delete cookies?

You can adjust your browser settings to delete some of our cookies or cookies set by third parties. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you do not have to accept cookies and you can reject or block the use of cookies and delete all cookies currently stored on your device. You can find out how to do this for your particular browser by contacting support at contact@qbatch.com

You can modify your browser settings to delete our or third-party cookies. While most web browsers typically accept cookies by default, you are not obligated to do so. You can block or reject cookies, as well as delete all already stored cookies on your device. Instructions on how to perform these actions on your specific browser can be obtained by reaching out to support at contact@qbatch.com.

What data privacy rights do you have?

You have the right to access, rectify, and request the erasure of your private data. Qbatch ensures that exercising these rights will not result in discrimination against users.

As a data subject, you have the right to:

Request Information: Obtain details on whether we hold your personal information, what it is, and the purpose behind its use.

Access Request: Request access to a copy of your personal information to ensure lawful processing.

Correction Request: Ask for correction of incomplete or inaccurate personal information we hold about you.

Erasure Request: Request the deletion of your personal information when there's no valid reason for continued processing, or when you've objected to processing.

Objection to Processing: Object to the processing of your personal information, especially in cases of legitimate interest or direct marketing.

Object to Automated Decision-Making: Decline automated decision-making or profiling involving your personal information.

Restriction of Processing: Request a suspension of processing for reasons such as establishing accuracy or determining processing rationale.

Data Transfer Request: Ask for your personal information in an electronically usable format for personal use or transfer to another party.

Withdraw Consent: Withdraw consent to the collection, processing, and transfer of your personal information for a specific purpose at any time. This won't affect prior lawful processing based on your consent.

Should you want to exercise any of the above-mentioned rights, please contact us at contact@qbatch.com. Before proceeding with your request, we need to request specific information from you to confirm your identity and to ensure your right to access the information. Abuse of rights may hold you liable.

How long is your information kept or stored?

We keep personal information for the duration required by legal or regulatory obligations, ensuring user and company protection, and under the main objective of data collection.

Data deletion occurs promptly when there is no underlying necessity or legal basis. This means we will comply with your request for data deletion. If, by law, we are still obligated to retain your data, we will inform you accordingly.

We do not engage in storing or processing your data for an indefinite period. In case of legitimate interest, we retain your data throughout the business relationship. If no business relationship commences, your data is stored for a limited duration, not exceeding 1 year. This period is essential for potential client communication, and afterward, we consider the analytics outdated, no longer requiring your data.

How do we ensure data security?

Qbatch implements reasonable technical and organizational measures to safeguard personal information. However, users should be aware of inherent security risks associated with data transmission over the internet.

Consequently, we take all appropriate technical and organizational measures for data privacy and security through:

  • All team members, affiliates, or consultants, are under the strict obligation of non-disclosure agreements ensuring full accountability.
  • This Privacy Policy is mandatory for consultants, contractors, and authorized personnel with access to information resources.
  • Security practices and documentation undergo yearly reviews after executive approval ensuring enactment throughout the organization.
  • This Policy applies comprehensively to all information, whether stored on physical or electronic data carriers or temporarily utilized software and hardware.
  • All employees and consultants undergo mandatory training sessions focusing on privacy and security, fostering awareness and adherence to best practices.
  • Periodic updates, including the incorporation of the latest antivirus definitions featuring zero-day anti-malware protection, fortify our servers, workstations, and internet gateway devices.
  • Our internet gateway devices, servers, and workstations are audited and updated frequently with the latest antivirus systems to prevent zero-day malware attacks.
  • We ensure strict authentication and authorisation controls maintaining data integrity and preventing unauthorized access.
  • We perform continuous data gathering and analysis focusing on the effectiveness of existing security controls and needed improvements against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Our yearly risk assessments identify and guide proactive measures to mitigate risks and enhance overall security.

Modifications to Privacy Policy

Qbatch reserves the right to modify the privacy policy, and substantial changes will be communicated through various channels.

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding our privacy policy or information practices, please contact our privacy team at contact@qbatch.com