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Team Augmentation

We adapt Agile Methodologies, Project Enablement tools for auditable performance Tracking with an automated tool of Quality Assurance to ensure that our customers are being served with the Optimum service levels.

Hire dedicated IT professionals to free yourself from the burden of staff recruitment and training. Just send us your requirements. We will, then, schedule a live interview with your selected resource person on your preferred medium - Skype, Phone or IM, etc.


Dedicated Team

At Qbatch we host dedicated teams with effective propositions to seamless delivery of business process without being constrained by domestic and international boundaries.

Full Service Standalone Team
  • Not looking to build a complete software department but need tech resources on demand.
  • Offers a complete setup where you get access to the best tech and management talent (developers, UI/UX experts).
Suited best when:
  • developing new products without defocusing your core team (if exists)
  • with evolving specifications based on feedbacks on features not looking to go through long-lasting & expensive hiring process.

Development Outsourcing

We offer to host resources on cost-sharing model where the resource capacity can be factored-in with respect the depth of requirements and required support levels.

Full Stack Resource
  • Working on a small product and wanted to hire a single resource to handle in and outs of the product.
  • Need a research about the product and want a single product designer.
Suited best when:
  • Complete UI/UX Design of the digital product. Using research and complete ROI of the product.
  • Need a Uni Focused resource to work on the product.

Why Dedicated Teams With Qbatch?

Hiring our highly scrutinized dedicated teams will provide you with some exceptional added advantages,
that can make the whole process secure and hassle-free for you.

Team Augmentation
  • Enables Real-time Performance Tracking
  • Provides Access to project management tools
  • Shared access with Client
  • Participation of Client in Sprint Ceremonies
  • Time Clocking Strategy
  • Performance Review on Sprint/Kanban Boards
Team Augmentation
  • Assigned Project Owner at Qbatch
  • Defined levels of Escalations
  • Easy access to management for sensitive esclations
  • Project Management through Client’s PM Tool
  • Auditable Time Tracking Auditable Performance
  • Tracking Process Oriented Requirement Gathering
  • Comprehensive Technical Documentation
Team Augmentation
  • Application of QA tools to ensure quality
  • Code Quality Evaluation
  • Real-time testing
  • Shared Documentation
  • Time Clocking
  • Tracking Process Oriented Requirement Gathering
  • Effective Direct and Team Communication

Transparent Execution

To keep you well informed and updated regarding the progress of your project,
we employ agile based project management, with 100% online cloud based tools
to ensure round the clock visibility.


Tasks are maintained on a daily basis. This allows you to get a quick overview on where the team stands.

Email & Teams Channels

Each team member posts a daily update on email/slack. This includes tasks done today, tasks planned for tomorrow and blockers.

Daily & Weekly Scrum Call

Depending on how involved the client wants to be, daily or weekly scrum calls are setup to stay on top of what's going on within the project.

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